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SUBMERGED harp trio for flute viola and harp MIGUEL DEL AGUILA Alexander Trio harp music
Miguel del Aguila

SUBMERGED harp trio for flute viola and harp MIGUEL DEL AGUILA Alexander Trio harp music for sheet music: harp trio for flute viola and harp SUBMERGED music: Miguel del Aguila publisher: Miguel del Aguila Publisher harp chamber music TRIO ALEXANDER Caroline Sonett, flute Adam Paul Cordle, viola Rosanna Moore,harp Video by Judson Sonett SUBMERGED (Sumergida) for flute, viola (or violin) and harp Commissioned by Hat Trick and Brigham Young University. It is based on Argentine-Swiss poet Alfonsina Storni's romantic, surrealist poem "Yo en el fondo del mar" On the surface, both the poem and music seem innocent and light-hearted, but one feels differently when the author’s fascination with the sea, and her later suicide by drowning in it, are taken into consideration. The piece follows the form of the poem except for the lively introduction and a coda which illustrate the poet's childhood near her native Argentine Andes, and in Switzerland. With six harp loud chords, the piece “falls” underwater: this slow middle section is mysterious, intimate and magical. It recreates the poem's isolated submerged world where fish with flowers, octopus and sirens dance while birds chirp happily far above water. The harp uses unusual extended techniques, some stemming from Paraguayan harp playing. The viola adds a rhythmic edge by playing constant multiple stop pizzicati imitating a Charango. The flute is the Quena of the ensemble and it uses often extended techniques as well. “In my interpretation of Storni’s poem this underwater world is that special place of isolation where many artists withdraw to create, a place and mood that can easily turn into depression. A place in which ultimately Alfonsina chose to remain and which became her death. In my Submerged, I continued the events of the poem and made the listener return to the real world above water. This return is triggered by the memories of her childhood played by the harp and viola as a music box Ländler which turns into a Vidalita, both music which Alfonsina would have heard in her childhood. Yo en el fondo del mar from Mundo de siete pozos (1934) Storni, Alfonsina ( 1892 - 1937 ) Published by Tor, Buenos Aires (1935) En el fondo del mar hay una casa de cristal. A una avenida de madréporas da. Un gran pez de oro, a las cinco, me viene a saludar. Me trae un rojo ramo de flores de coral. Duermo en una cama un poco más azul que el mar. Un pulpo me hace guiños a través del cristal. En el bosque verde que me circunda —din don…din dan…— se balancean y cantan las sirenas de nácar verdemar. Y sobre mi cabeza arden, en el crepúsculo, las erizadas puntas del mar. Me at the Bottom of the Sea Alfonsina Storni (1892-1938) (from World of Seven Wells, 1934) At the bottom of the sea there is a house made of glass, at the edge of a coral-lined road. A big golden fish comes to greet me at five; it brings me a red bouquet of coral as flowers. I sleep on a bed somewhat bluer than the sea. An octopus now winks at me through the glass. In the green forest that surrounds me swaying mermaids sing —ding, dong … ding, ding— in their nacre and aquamarine. And above my head glow in the twilight the prickling pins of the sea. Translation by M. del Aguila (2013) harp trio, flute viola harp, trio, flute, viola, harp, flauta, arpa, Debussy harp trio, sonata, debussy, bratsche, harfe, arpe, Miguel del Aguila, Aguila, Submerged, Sumergida,Storni, contemporary, classical, latin, latinamerican, hispanic, composers, latino, Argentina, USA, american, paraguayan harp, arpa paraguaya, alfonsina y el mar,trio alexander sdfhjefjh189efjkAFQ(I#(J_
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